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A Dragon's Tale

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A Dragon's Tale - Chapter One
            It was dark and cold, and the smell of blood hung in the air.  The silence was only disturbed by the ripping of flesh and the sickening crunch of bones as a gargantuan creature loomed over the still fresh corpse of a dragoness.  In its feeding frenzy, the wyvern did not notice the fleeing dragonet that had managed to sneak past it, with its scent covered by the reek of blood and its fleeing figure hidden by the shadows.  Even if the wyvern had noticed, it wouldn’t have bothered pursuing such a small meal, not when the tempting carcass of the dragoness lay before it.
            So, the terrified dragonet had managed to escape unnoticed as the star speckled night sky began to fade into a dull gray as the sun began to rise up from behind the snowy fangs of the mountains.  Before the sun had completely risen, the little dragonet had managed to find shelter undern
A Dragon's Tale - Chapter Two        When Shaun awoke the next morning, he was greeted by a familiar face. Albeit a scaly, green face that had snout, but a familiar face nonetheless. The boy sleepily smiled at Glen, stretching his arms with a yawn before propping himself up and scratching the dragoness behind the ears affectionately.
      “Good morning, Glen,” The dragoness replied with a quiet squawk before daintily hopping off the bed. Shaun soon followed suit, kicking his covers off as he got up, stretching once again until he was rewarded with a few satisfying pops.
    “Is the little guy still sleeping?” Shaun questioned, keeping his voice low in case the dragonet that they had taken in the other day was indeed, still asleep. Glen nodded, gesturing with her tail over at the makeshift bed of pillows, blankets – and even a few of Shaun’s discarded clothes - in the corner of the room. The dragonet to
A Dragon's Tale - Chapter Three        It didn’t take Martha and Shaun long to arrive at the house, and when they did they came across a scene that Shaun – who had, admittedly, been expecting the worse - hadn’t quite expected to find. The house had been thrown into chaos as a bronze-something darted around, hopping onto and ducking under furniture, shrieking at the top of its lungs as Shaun’s father and Glen chased after the blur.
        “Oh! UH- hey son! Done already?” Shaun’s father asked, somehow managing to divide his attention between the screaming dragonet in the house and Martha and Shaun, who had just arrived, rushing through the front door.
        Shaun had been about to say something after shaking himself out of his shock induced trance until the dragonet bowled into his gut, knocking the blonde-haired boy into Martha, sending them all crashing to the floor. Shaun instinctiv
A Dragon's Tale - Chapter Four        Shaun and Martha’s mothers finally returned that afternoon- and they didn’t look very triumphant. Shaun had decided to continue with his chores after both Glen and Aurum had nodded off, since there wasn’t really anything else for the boy to do once the two dragons had fallen asleep. He was shearing some sheep when he saw, Ara, his mother, emerge from the forest astride her dragon Isaac as two other women followed behind her, Martha’s mothers.
        Ara’s pale blond, silver-streaked hair was tied back in a tight braid, which was now disheveled and beginning to come undone. Her steel-colored eyes that usually glinted silver in the light now seemed to have turned a dull gray, matching the sullen look of defeat on her face. Her pale skin was black and blue in some places where she had been bruised, and a few red angry-looking claw marks marred the fair skin on her arms.
A Dragon's Tale - Chapter Five    Speaking of Edith, the ebony-skinned broad-shouldered warrior surveyed the vast emerald sea below whilst astride Amaziah, her cragmire. They were called such due to their spiked scales typically being earthly, or dark tones. Usually both. They were robust, sturdy creatures, making them quite useful for battle and heavy-lifting. Which was exactly why Edith was glad that she had a dragon like Amaziah by her side to make the journey to the Glader, an adept healer as well as a wise hermit.
    The title ‘Glader’ was a play on words, for the hermit drifted between the clandestine glades where their little holes in the wall – more like hill -  were situated, hence the name. Nor did many, if any, knew their name, anyways. Some said that they were a hundred years old at least. Many rumors surrounded the Glader, none that Edith truly believed, like Glader being an elf in disguise. But what was certain was that the Glader was one of the mo

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My original fantasy/adventure story,
A Dragon's Tale!

I know that I've already asked this question, buuuuttt- Should I make a group for Kua-Noho? If so, what kind of group should I make for them? 

6 deviants said Yes!
3 deviants said If yes: should it be a roleplay group as well?
No deviants said Nah


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About Me

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She/her | They/them
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I draw many things, such as fantasy, humans, animals, Pokémon, as well as much more! I also write literature, such as my currently a work-in-progress original story, A Dragon's Tale! I've also begun to flesh out my new species, Kua-Noho, and have begun a Y Nuzlocke!

I hope that you enjoy my work, and that you have a wonderful day!

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